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    Sub surface
    Soil probes

    Consistently reliable,
    repeatable data year after year

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    Setting new
    standards in
    soil moisture
    & salinity
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    Suitable for all soil types

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Introducing the MASTER CLASS in precision soil condition monitoring

4 probes

At the heart of any serious soil monitoring system are the primary sensors. EnviroPro® Soil Probes are built with multi-function and multi-level sub-surface sensors. Fully encapsulated, reliable and repeatable, EnviroPro® continuously monitors soil Moisture, Temperature and Salinity. First with salinity-compensated Moisture readings, EnviroPro® soil probes provide accurate data for meaningful irrigation and fertiliser decision-making, year after year.

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Save On Water

Only use what you need

Save on our most precious resource, water. With the ability to test moisture levels at root level, EnviroPro® probes will enable you to determine how much water your crops require.

Higher Quality Produce

Know the needs of your crops

EnviroPro® is groundbreaking technology that can help you reduce water consumption, cut energy costs, achieve higher yields and deliver better quality produce

Reliable Results

Superior design, ultimate reliability

EnviroPro® Soil Probes are engineered and built to the highest standards to reliably provide the most sophisticated measuring techniques of any probe available anywhere.

5 year warranty

Low cost of ownership

EnviroPro® sub-surface Soil Probes are long-life, maintenance free sensors suitable for all soils. Once installed never need re-calibration and have a 5 year warranty

Img Courtesy Of Perth Stadium
EnviroPro® soil moisture sensors selected by Perth Stadium turf specialists to maintain the playing surface.
EnviroPro soil moisture sensors will monitor over 17,000m2 of turf inside the new Perth Stadium. The turf, to be laid in mid-2017, is the same as used a ANZ Stadium (Sydney), Eden Park (Auckland)... read more

Press Release

May 2017
The best telemetry equipment and soil monitoring service still has no value without top quality soil sensors to provide consistent and repeatable data. After 26 years as an Agronomist, and experience with almost every soil sensor available, EnviroPro probes have proven they are the best soil sensor on the market... read more