Soil moisture and temperature sensor field of influence
  • Moisture Enabled in all models

  • Temperature Enabled in all models
  • Salinity (Electrical Conductivity)
    All probes utilise salinity compensation for more predictable and accurate measurements, PLUS pro models can output salinity metrics.

  • EC Upgradable  – Pre or post purchase, pre or post installation

  • Sensors at 10cm / 4″ intervals

  • 40, 80, 120 and 160cm options – For suitability in all crop types

  • SDI-12 V1.3 compliant – Interfaces to all SDI-12 compliant digital loggers

  • CE, RCM, FCC EMC, RoHS, REACH compliant
  • Optional SDI-12 to RS-485 converter

  • Recommended operating range 7 – 16 VDC – minimum 6VDC on standard EnviroPro® 5m / 16ft cable with single device connected to SDI-12 bus

  • Standard 5m / 16ft cable

  • Sample more soil – EnviroPro® sensors are uniquely designed to have a much larger field of influence than other capacitance probes of similar diameter, providing more meaningful measurements of the local soil.

  • Compensated measurements – All EnviroPro® sensor models compensate salinity and moisture measurements for variations in temperature, as well as
    compensating moisture measurements for salinity variations.

  • designed to last – EnviroPro® soil probes are long-life instruments that are fully encapsulated to ensure maximum immunity to environmental degradation.

  • Maintenance-free – Each probe is individually calibrated in the factory, so they never need to be re-calibrated in the field. This means life-time sensor to sensor and probe to probe repeatability.

  • 5 year warranty – We’re confident in the quality of our products, and you should be too. All EnviroPro® soil probes come with a 5 year warranty to ensure low cost of ownership and peace of mind.

  • Easy Install / Removal – EnviroPro® installation kits used with recommended bentonite & sand slurry make both install and removal of probes quick and easy.
  • Many applications – Applications include turf, trees, flowers, vegetables, citrus, vines, cane fields, grains and dry-land crops, and many other plantations. Other applications include mining, environmental monitoring and scientific research.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

  • Over 20 Years of proven excellence

Model Variants.

16 Sensor
12 Sensor
8 Sensor
4 Sensor

Pro Models:

EP100G-04 : 4 sensors / 40cm / 16″
EP100G-08 : 8 sensors / 80cm / 32″
EP100G-12 : 12 sensors / 120cm / 48″
EP100G-16 : 16 sensors / 160cm / 64″

Standard Models:

EP100GL-04 : 4 sensors / 40cm / 16″
EP100GL-08 : 8 sensors / 80cm / 32″
EP100GL-12 : 12 sensors / 120cm / 48″
EP100GL-16 : 16 sensors / 160cm / 64″

Turf Probes

Turf probes are modified to avoid damage by aerators with the cable on the bottom, and a deflective cone shaped cap.
Available in 4 sensors.

Standard Models can be upgraded to output salinity (EC) anytime by purchasing an upgrade key from Entelechy.


EPCD – EnviroPro® Configuration Dongle

EPCD – EnviroPro® Configuration Dongle

The EnviroPro® Configuration Dongle provides a convenient interface between EnviroPro soil probes and a PC’s USB port. Tasks like pre setting addresses, identifying model and serial numbers, applying upgrade keys and checking functionality of the probe prior to installation are all made easy with this device. Other features include SDI bus exploring, a transparent mode interface, probe demo mode, and more.

Installation Kit

Installation Kit

An easy to use and durable boring kit to suit most installation sites.

Heavy duty installation kit

Heavy duty installation kit

This kit provides alternate boring tools for more challenging soil structures.

Extraction Tool

Extraction Tool

Invaluable for quickly and safely removing or relocating EnviroPro® probes.

SDI-12 - RS485 Adaptor

SDI-12 - RS485 Adaptor

Enables connectivity with RS485 loggers.

EP Cable

EP Cable

For those longer cable runs. Supplied in 100m coils. 3x tough PE insulated inner cores of (0.44mm² ea) , in a black UV stabilised PVC jacket. Made in Australia.